Separating Truth From Nonsense

Some of the great papers of 1953 were little recognized for their exceptional quality; conversely, many weak papers were readily accepted and sponsored by intelligent contemporaries. How could this happen?

If intelligence is a measure of how quickly we can learn, wisdom is our ability to separate truth from half-truth and nonsense. We can do little to increase our intelligence, but wisdom comes to us continuously by our extraction of truths from history and personal experience.

My sons are all car-crazy … in a family discussion, I reached for an analogy:

[callout1]Intelligence is horsepower; wisdom is the steering![/callout1]

I looked at the listing of new AAPG members in 1953 and was astounded at the quality of the entering class! Larry Funkhouser, Fred L. Stricklin, G. Pat Bolden, James W. Caylor, T. Boone Pickens and Fred F. Meissner, to name only a few.