Tell It, Just Tell It — Briefly

“English,” by W.W. Patrick, offers the following observations and pieces of counsel.  I think you’ll find them interesting.

  • “Business has learned the lessons of brevity and directness, but too many of our geologists have not.”
  • “An amateurish, poorly written report or letter leads the reader to assume that the thinking of the writer may be equally slipshod.”
  • “You may say that a geologist is hired to find oil and not to write essays. If each location results in a discovery well, no one will ask you for written reports. If your discovery record is less than 100 percent, you will write many letters and reports, and you will be judged not only by what you write, but how you write.”

In my experience, the major difference between great scientists and great managers is that all great managers must learn how to communicate clearly and concisely.