Project Generation, Operations and Consulting Onshore US and International

From concept to commerciality, Roxanna is unique in it’s ability to to generate, lease, build partnerships and operate high quality, early entry new exploration plays.  Our focus on the petroleum system allows us to high grade the best areas in the best plays.

New Project Generation

Our focus today is generating low risk projects that can be evaluated and acquired in the current lower cost environment and have the potential for significant future upside.  One of our concepts is for old oil fields with a high percentage of oil remaining in the pore space.  Our goal is to extract remaining oil at high rates, at low cost, with the use of modern technology and our in-house understanding of complex reservoirs.  We have projects in every stage of development depending on the particular investors needs.

Here at Roxanna, our foundation is in the petroleum system. We constantly ask ourselves, “Where is the oil?” and, more importantly, “How do we get it out economically?”  We utilize technological advances so we can do today what could not be done yesterday.  We keep our minds open and stay creative by always asking, “How come? Why not? Who says?” As our Founder Marlan Downey put it, “geology is a science, exploration is a business.”


Roxanna has the ability to execute on our play concepts.  We have been successful in acquiring low cost large acreage positions ahead of industry.  Through our large network of industry partners that we call “friends and family”, we have a number of successful partnerships.  Roxanna’s unique ability to integrate the geology with drilling and completion practices is crucial to our operating success.  Using our ability to generate a project concept through production was realized in our recently operated horizontal well in the Falls City Field which more than doubled current field production.


Roxanna is available to help your organization find and develop new exploration play opportunities. Throughout the past decade, we have been sought out by industry to locate early-entry resource play opportunities.  We can take a direct financial interest in plays we recommend, or at the client’s option, a royalty.  This model assures our clients that we make money only if they do, putting our money where our mouth is.  We have completed major projects with Shell, Matador Resources, Marathon Oil, Petrohunt, Kimmeridge Energy and AllianceBernstein, just to name a few.

Our seasoned exploration team are available to assist you in locating investment opportunities specifically tailored to the needs of your company.  Some forms of consulting we have completed have been in the exploration potential of entire countries, large US resource plays, corporate asset evaluation, exclusive project generation and even one-off well placement.  We have been contacted to provide international consulting advice to the UK, China, Dubai and Guatemala.

Roxanna’s executive management are industry veterans with extensive energy relationships and documented success; we invite you to review our track record and meet the Roxanna Team.