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Roxanna Oil Company Properties

Operated Properties

Pendleton Field, Sabine Parish, LA

Field Summary:

Technical focus:

Pendalton Play

Activity to Date:

2018 – drilled initial well – confirmed concept viability
2019 Drilled 3 wells – evaluated extent of re-development potential
2020 Drilled 1 well
2021 and beyond – focus on core development areas

OM#2 Flare While Drilling

Key Learning and Observations from Roxanna Activity:

Fall City Field, Richardson Co, NE

Marlan Downey: Wayne 1-H Well

Roxanna acquired a 3,000 acre position in this field targeting discontinuous Hunton limestone formed by karsting of the reservoir that produced over 40 MMBO from vertical wells.

Roxanna successfully steered a 3,000’ lateral targeting unswept oil due to the discontinuous nature of the permeability, by examining cuttings every 10’ and LWD gamma ray to identify the Hunton/Chattanoga boundary to stay in zone and intersect high porosity, oil filled reservoir.

Our water disposal facility and flat production rates has allowed for economic monthly production and doubled the fields total production rate.

We hold a 16%WI, and are operators of the project.


Royalty Interests

Permian Basin, Reeves and Culberson Co, TX

Permian Royalties

Stack Play, Kingfisher and Garfield Co, OK

Woodford Royalties