Roxanna Associates provides consulting services to the energy industry specializing in the identification and evaluation of investment opportunities in oil, gas, and renewables.

Over the past 20 years, Roxanna has generated and evaluated a vast number of exploration and development plays in every major petroleum basin in the US and numerous internationally.  Our understanding of the basin’s petroleum system, our knowledge of producing and under-developed reservoirs, and our proprietary data allows us to quickly analyze investment opportunities.  Click below the map for additional info about our basin work.

Roxanna Consulting Projects


We have a successful track record for over 20 years of creating financial returns for our clients and industry partners.  We have completed major projects all over the world for Shell, Marathon, Kimmeridge Energy, DG Petro, Matador, EPI, Novus Solar Energy, and OAG Analytics to name a few.

Oil and Gas Consulting




Third Party Acquisitions

Rapid, independent technical evaluation of data packages for third party acquisition opportunities.  Our understanding of every major petroleum basin allows for high grading of the best producing properties with the ability to also quantify upside resource value.

Asset Evaluation

We provide an independent technical evaluation of your acreage through the integration of subsurface, seismic and production data to high grade acreage, landing zones and quantify upside opportunity.

New Play Generation

We have experience and proprietary data on all major US and numerous international petroleum basins, acquiring over 1 million gross acres of working interest and royalty interests for our clients and partners.  Roxanna backs up their interpretation with a willingness to take a direct investment in any prospect we recommend to our partners.


GIS Mapping and Database

We have successfully applied our oil and gas exploration techniques to build databases of solar installations which can be sorted and displayed in a spatial format to assist in identifying new areas for development or acquisition of existing facilities.  By using a set of “screening criteria”, we can overlay various attributes of solar radiance, culture, topography and various incentive and regulatory mandates to identify and high grade investment opportunities.  We are currently expanding our efforts into wind and geothermal energy.