• Roxanna Associates

    Roxanna Associates, the consulting arm of Roxanna Oil Company, is unique in its readiness to undertake a working interest participation in the projects that Roxanna formally recommend to clients. In other words, Roxanna “puts their money where their mouth is”.

    Roxanna Associates
  • Roxanna Oil Company


    For the past seven years, Roxanna has specialized in the creation of major new play opportunities, resulting in acreage blocks of up to 250,000 acres for clients and partners.

    Roxanna Oil Company
"Geology is a science. Exploration is a business."  - Marlan W. Downey

Roxanna Oil

Roxanna Oil Company specializes in the creation of major new play opportunities, so far resulting in acreage blocks of upwards of 250,000 acres for our clients & partners.  More about Roxanna Oil.

Members of Roxanna Associates average over thirty years of professional experience and are former members of Marlan’s highly successful exploration teams at Shell and ARCO.  Their experience, integrity, and records of success are unmatched in the industry.

We have completed major projects with Shell, Matador Resources, Marathon Oil, Petrohunt and Kimmeridge Energy to name a few.